Bird of Prey

Acoustic-electric guitars are played with, or without an amplifier. They have a great sound unamplified, but also can be plugged in for amplification to suit the situation. The DBZ Verona is available in the single cutaway version that can be amplified, and the Tuscan models (single cutaway guitar), all come with the electric option standard. A digital tuner is built in to these guitars, making it as easy as pushing a button to engage the tuner.

There is also a big advantage to the DBZ acoustic-electric guitar built into the input jacks; there are both hi, and low impedance inputs. This allows for a cleaner connection to a mixing board for recording, or in live situations, you can just plug directly into a DI box and go through the PA with the guitar volume and tone controls at your fingertips. Not only will you sound great, but also you will be your sound engineer's best friend.

The sound of these guitars (whether plugged in or not), is great due to the high quality materials (Mahogany, Spruce and Flame Maple finishes, and Ebonized Rosewood fretboards), electronics (B-Band® A3T preamp and 22R pickups), and equally important, Tusq® nuts and saddles. Tusq® nut and saddle products are man-made ivory, which enhances tone, preserves sustain, and helps produce the rich sound desired in an acoustic guitar. This also ensures the sound picked up by the B-Band pickup is exactly the sound generated by the guitar.

The DBZ foundry metal logo is artistically set into the headstock of these guitars letting all know you have chosen DBZ. The proof is in the sound and playability.

There are hard shell cases and gig bags available to carry and protect the DBZ acoustic-electric guitars and there are a range of color and finish options as well.

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