Electric Guitar v2

A little history about the electric guitar...In 1937, the first patent for the electric guitar was issued.

Early electric guitars resemble modern electric guitars very little, other than in the concept of electrifying the signal and amplifying it remains. Interestingly, a trend in electric-acoustic guitars to pick up the sound with piezoelectric transducer type pickups is similar to the way the first electric guitars made were amplified. In essence, the vibrations of the wood (bridge) were “picked up” from transducers and transferred electronically to an amplifier to produce the amplified sound. However, the technology to take the sound from the (then) hollow body electric guitar would soon change to include solid body electric guitars. The advent of the magnet/coil pickup would open up guitar design possibilities never before seen in guitar design.

From those early beginnings, the sound of the electric guitar evolved from an experiment, to the art, and billion-dollar industry that it is today. Guitars and equally as important, electric guitar pickups became better as the years went by. By the late 1950’s a pickup that addressed ambient noise, known as the 60-cyle hum was patented, and introduced as the “hum bucker”.

For nearly twenty years following the late 1950’s, the guitar industry plodded along, catering to customers of these original designs.

Today DBZ Guitars is breaking new ground with concepts that are new, even in 2012. DBZ Guitars employs modern techniques using technology (like CNC machines, to expertly create the most intricate and precise cuts & carves), along with traditional craftsmanship, to offer guitars mated with hand-detailed necks, custom tone circuitry and custom wound pickups that look & sound like no other...

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