The DBZ Venom electric guitar, like the DBZ Bird of Prey, has pointy, yet flowing lines. The Venom guitar allows the player to reach every one of the 24 frets easily. The DBZ Venom is impeccably balanced, is available in a range of solid colors, as well as available with two graphics finishes (Thoracic-X and Watchers). The DBZ Venom electric guitar is available with EMG® pickups or DBZB/DBZ5 on the Venom II. All Venom electric guitars come with original Floyd Rose® tremolo systems, 24 frets, DarkSide inlays on an Ebonized rosewood fret board, volume/tone/three-way switch and Grover® Tuners in either black, nickel, or gold hardware, (depending on model), and a case is also included.

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